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This portal is owned and administered by Apartbookers sp. z o.o., which associates people owning apartments, flats and houses. The headquarters of Apartbookers sp. z o.o. is at Rynek Główny 28, Krakow, Poland.

Each month, many owners put their housing offers at our site, while a crowd of travellers seek beds during their business trips or leaves. Feel free to browse through our offer and make reservations for comfortable, luxurious apartments - we are offering:

  • apartments in Krakow
  • Wroclaw apartments
  • apartments in Zakopane
  • apartments in Warsaw
  • apartments in Poznan
  • apartments in Gdansk
  • apartments at the seaside
  • apartments in the mountains

coming soon:

  • apartments in Slovakia
  • apartments in the Czech Republic
  • apartments in Croatia
  • apartments in Spain
  • apartments in Bulgaria
  • apartments in Italy
  • apartments in France
  • apartments in Hungary

Our website guarantees you the best prices and top quality of our services. Our wide offer, presented in several languages, not only includes small studios and big, comfortable apartments, but also houses with cheap beds.

Apartbookers.pl gives you an offer of comfortable and cheap beds in various locations of Poland, and soon from all over Europe as well...


In order to provide you with perfect service, we employ excellently qualified staff, who will assist both the travellers and the apartment owners. Your comfort and safety are our priority, therefore we provide online support and help you find the proper apartment, bed, or a short stay, as well as add your property to our database.


By giving you Apartbookers.pl, we wish to offer you a rich in information and user-friendly website mediating in apartment rentals. At the same time, we wish to offer you the best prices available. Our objective is to provide travellers with an effective and inexpensive way of online housing reservations. Property owners, on the other hand, are given the opportunity to present their apartment, villa, flat, or house in an attractive way, in a well-marketed and continuously positioned website.

For your comfort and safety, our team is always ready to provide you with help and support.


  • Apartbookers.pl guarantees the best prices of the offered apartments, compared to their standards in the cities and regions, in which these apartments are located.
  • Apartbookers.pl system is safe. Both your credit card details and your personal data are encrypted. We work according to high standards and protect our clients' privacy. To learn more on the details regarding security, please go to : "Security"


  • We offer several hundred apartments in Poland, due to which our offer is attractive to people looking for housing. Continuous advertisement an positioning of our website result in the increasing number of entries, which, in turn, results in the growing number of reservations made via our website.
  • Apartbookers.pl offers you an attractive model of cooperation, based on provisions. Thanks to the separate panel for individual apartment, the owners can increase their profit at any moment.

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