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1. Introduction

These rules aim at describing the conditions, under which apartments are booked and rented, and booking is equal to accepting these rules. The contract between the owner of the property and the client is fixed from the moment of making the reservation.

2. Advance payment booking

Booing a property requires filling in a booking form, placed on the website. Booking requires making an advance payment of 30% of the booking value or 100% of the amount given in the accommodation description. The advance payment may be made to a bank account provided in reservation email, with a credit card or an e-transfer.

2.1. Payment via bank transfer

In the case of payment via bank transfer, we will send an email to the address given in the form within 48 hours from entry of the reservation, containing bank details of the account, to which you will need to make the advance payment. Lack of payment within 48 hours' time will cause automatic cancellation of the reservation.

2.2. Payment via credit card or an e-transfer

In the case of payment via credit card or an e-transfer, the amount of advance payment must be paid via on-line transfer immediately after making the reservation.

2.3. The advance payment is non-refundable.

The advance payment is non-refundable. Shortly after making the payment, the client will be sent a confirmation email along with an electronic voucher, which would contain all information necessary to finalize your stay, including contact data to the person who will give you the keys at the day of your arrival. The client is obliged to pay the remainder of the amount to the person responsible for handling the keys at the first day of their stay.

3. Booking without advance payment

A selection of properties may be booked without paying in advance, provided that agrees to it. The client is obliged to pay the whole amount to the person responsible for handling the keys at the first day of their stay. You may book a property without paying in advance by filling in and sending a reservation form, which you may find on website. The system will send you a confirmation email for the reservation with no advance payment. In case you cancelled your reservation later than 15 before the arrival, you will be obliged pay a cancellation fee to the bank account within 7 days from the cancellation date; the amount to be paid depends on the time of cancellation, according to the table below:

Number of days before planned arrival: Cancellation fee:
16 days or earlier 0% of the reservation value
15 – 10 days 10% of the reservation value
10 – 5 days 15% of the reservation value
5 – 3 days 20% of the reservation value
2 days or later 30% of the reservation value

A reservation that is already pending is not due to shortening. After the beginning of the stay, the client is obliged to pay the whole amount.

4. Last Minute Reservation

Last Minute reservation is a reservation, whose date of arrival falls within the next 4 days (including the day of making the reservation). Last Minute reservations are made by filling in and sending the reservation form placed on our website. After sending the reservation, it is crucial to confirm it within the following 2 hours from the moment of sending it (or, in the case of booking after 10PM Polish local time, before 10AM the next day), The telephone number, which you need to call in order to confirm will be shown in a last minute confirmation email sent to you automatically. Lack of telephonic confirmation within the time specified above will lead to cancelling your reservation.

5. Overbooking

In case of overbooking (double reservation in the same apartment at the same time) the reservation may be canceled despite the voucher generated for that reservation and the advance payment will be paid back immediately; the system will offer other vacant properties in the same time, but not necessarily in the same location or price. Such situation occurs very rarely and the client is informed immediately.

6. Terms of passing and receiving the apartment by the client

The client should arrive at the time settled with the person responsible for handling the keys. The client is obliged to inform that person of the planned hour, at which they intend to collect the keys no later than one day before their arrival, or indicate it in the reservation form. Usually, you can move in by 2PM at the day of your arrival and move out by 10AM at the day of your departure, unless other conditions had been set with the person responsible for the keys or otherwise indicated in the voucher. In case the client cannot make it at the fixed hour they need to contact the person responsible for the keys by phone. The client is obliged to pay the amount shown on the voucher, even if their stay has been shortened due to causes independent from (communications' failure, personal reasons, etc.) The client goes to the apartment together with the person responsible for the keys and receives it on the spot by checking the condition of the premises and its equipment, which is confirmed with a delivery-reception protocol signed by the client and by the person responsible for the apartment. The client receives the keys, at which point they need to show their ID and sign the delivery-reception protocol. The client vacates the apartment at the last day of their stay by 10AM, unless other conditions have been set with or with the property owner. After their stay - at the day of their departure, after settling the exact hour with the person receiving it - the client signs the delivery-reception protocol. Before the client leaves the apartment, the person who collected the keys will check the condition of the apartment, equipment and devices in it.

7. Client's Obligations

The number of people to stay at the property is limited to that indicated in the apartment's offer placed on Should the actual number of people exceed that indicated in the offer, the person responsible for handling the keys may refuse to give them to the client. The client is obliged to follow the principles of good neighborhood as well as keep the property in the same state in which they've received it. The client is obliged to inform the person responsible for the keys immediately of any damages and faults they find in the property as well as report any damages caused by them or by persons, for whom they bear civil liability or by animals under their care during their stay. The equivalent of the damage is fully paid by the client, in the form prescribed by the owner.

8. Cancellation and changes in Reservation

8.1. Changing the Time of the Stay and the Number of People

Changing the time of the stay or the number of people after paying the advance payment can be made only if there are vacancies in that or some other property. Changes in the number of people or the time of the stay can be made by phone or by email contact with service.

8.2. Prolonging the Time of Stay

The time of stay in any property may be prolonged by making another reservation. It can also be made by phone or by mail contact with service.

8.3. Cancellation

If the performance of services under the mediation of the reservation will be impossible to fault the Service or the appropriate Landlord Services is committed to making every effort to offer the services of a similar standard and on time, which is specified in the Booking Form. If this is not possible or satisfactory for the customer, reservation may be canceled.

9. Transfer of Rights and Obligations to Another Person

It is allowed to transfer full rights to the reservation to a third person. It is possible provided that the personal data of that person are delivered to property owner or to service. Together with transferring the rights, the client's obligations are also transferred to that person.
Such transfer of rights is free from charge.

10. Occurrence of Force Majeure

In case of unpredictable conditions occur, whose effects cannot be fixed immediately by ordinary means, the owner reserves the right to offer the client a replacement property similar to the primarily reserved one. The owner has the right to cancel the contract in case of occurrence of force majeure. This includes the cases in which the client's or his property's safety cannot be secured due to causes independent from the owner. The payments made by the client are then paid back immediately, minus cost for the services already rendered.

11. Final Provisions

In event of disputes arising during performance of this contract, the parties are obliged to seek an amicable solution. Should this turn out to be impossible, the dispute shall be solved by an appropriate court specific to the owner.
By making a reservation, the client allows for processing their personal data in the course of their reservation, facilitation of future reservation and for marketing purposes in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Security from 08-29-1997. The client may view and update their data at any time.
The portal does not take responsibility for any out-of-date or false information regarding properties, delivered by the property owner.

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